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Back to school, surely everyone had ever cheated all right? My mean is that you peek someone's exam who more smarter than you. Because you do not prepared fully for exam so cheating is considered to be the only solution at that time if you do not want to get bad score. Basically, the cheating itself is not bad, it's just bad ... when teachers detect only.

School Cheater is a game just like that. In the game you will take advantage of the skills you have used in school to cheating in School Cheater world. Take challenges your dexterity in the 25 levels of School Cheater.

Rules of the game :
Moving deftly through the rows of desks, looking for a safe zone to hide and a smartboy to cheat.
Avoid teacher vision, be careful with the mad students (they're called bully).
Complete the level in limited time.

Overcoming the challenges about time to achieve the highest score.

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