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This is the first version of "gold digging" entirely new gameplay, a completely different game with the yellow peaches on the market today. With 60 levels with increasing difficulty, each level will make players have a headache thinking, finding strategies to be able to pass with the highest scores. In addition to skill, strategy, then of course the player also needs to add one more bit of good luck. With sharp image quality, unique effects, dynamic sound, is polished carefully, it will be the first spiritual food is indispensable in order for you and your friends, your family entertainment after the hours of learning, work stress.


- 60 levels with increasing difficulty, the "secret" small in the game so that players always have a higher destination.

- Respect the customer with every detail carefully aligned.

- The different in each game screen.

- Photos and vivid sound.

Grapefruit products Studio is free to users, we aim to 1 healthy gaming community with the product is polished.

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