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Unlock the mystery of the Auto Transfer Machines (ATM) and discover the greatest secret of human life: money.

We bring to you a broken ATM that allows you to withdraw infinite amount of cash whenever you touch it. You and your guardian fight against the ATM lord to protect the galaxy.

· 100% indie: made by 3 guys, no office, no publishers, no funding.

· DRM free, IPA free: no copy protection, spam, up selling, ads, of any soft.

· Zero waste: Short, polished, perfect and possible.


· You can hire 9 NPC to automatically earn money for you, even me - game designer of this game.

· Unlock 40 different kinds of ATM.

· Your fortune can reach to a quintillion dollar ( $) .

· Legend of Large Numbers

1,000,000 = One Million

1,000 Million = One Billion

1,000 Billion = One Trillion

1,000 Trillion = One Quadrillion

1,000 Quadrillion = One Quintillion

1,000 Quintillion = One Sextillion

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